The Bordeaux Transcriptome Genome Platform (PGTB) is an academic structure specialized in sequencing and genotyping. It is open to the whole academic scientific community (INRAE, CNRS, INSERM, Universities...) and to industrial actors. The PGTB is part of the France Genomics network which brings together genomics platforms at the national level and is labelled Strategic Platform by INRAE (CNOC) and GIS-IBISA.

The PGTB develops and offers services using emerging medium and high throughput technologies based on DNA sequencing (sequencing of short and long DNA fragments, re-sequencing and targeted metagenomics, sequencing of small genomes and transcriptomes), research and genotyping of mutations (SNPs and microsatellites), quantification of gene expression, analysis of environmental, sensitive or old DNA in confined laboratories and support services for current molecular biology analysis (nucleic acid quantification, quality control, preparation of libraries, etc.). These services are offered to users with three levels of support: (1) provision of equipment, (2) technical assistance and user training or (3) full service.


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PGTB's areas of expertise

  •     SNP / INDEL genotyping by mass spectrometry on Mass Array System (Agena Bioscience)
  •     Oxford Nanopore Technologies long-reads sequencing on GridION
  •     Quantification by digital droplet PCR QX200 (Bio-Rad)